Failing is Apart of Success

Feeling like im failing everyone around me. Feel like what im doing isnt enough. I know everything isnt going to happen overnight. But am i really putting in the work to go further?

The quote I’ve seen throughout my school life was “Failure isnt an option”. When I got to college I realized that failure isnt an option, but failing is apart of the course to success. In order to get a business off the ground, failures and let downs will happen. Til this day im learning that.

Im learning that no matter how down I feel about not getting far, I have to keep pushing. No matter how tired I am, I have to keep pushing. They key is to keep going. Keep being a better you everyday!

Sometimes, there are days that I feel that I wanna breakdown and be upset and cry! But I can’t for too long! I breakdown for five minutes then I am back to work. Whether we like it or not, we can’t allow ourselves to be upset for too long. The more we feel upset is the more we forget what the goal and purpose is.

Expressing feelings amongst people that GENUINELYsupport you is the best! They motivate you to do better and work harder! There is no reason to gave toxic beings in your life. Toxic people want you to be in your feelings for DAYSand then you become them, miserable and lost.

I am being more of an open person. I have realized that being anti-social most of the time does nothing for my brand and who I want to become. My vision and goals aren’t blurred. I will not let them become blurred, even on my worst days!